Thanks for being intrested in our glow sessions!

We offer you to come and experience the cool vibes that goes along with our cool new kids store.

Glow sessions simply provides children with the opportunity to meet new friends and do new things.

Offering a cool new cognitive learning experience along with shopping some cool gear will ensure that your kiddo gets the full "Kalargian Kid" experience intended.

Kalargian kids are kind, cool kids. Being able to meet and enjoy kids with like minds and interest just keeps that motivation going!

-We offer shoppers to join our open sessions absolutley FREE!

"Kalargian Kid" strives at making it's motto by being the "best kid store ever"!!


-Glow room is blacklit and space themed.

-Kids wear protection aprons.

-Optional to leave creations for our store wall or take home.

-Supervised Sessions/ Parent is good to go!

-45 Min Time Slots

-12 Openings per session

-Ages 5-12 (Any age for private.)

-Tempature Check Required

-Must wear a mask to open sessions.

Please email for avaliable dates and times for group sessions.

*Sign up in store only for FREE session.